Alloy P11, P12



EN ISO 3580-A:2008 :E CrMo2 B 12 H10 KS D7022 :DT2416

EN ISO 3580-B:2008 :E 62 16-2CM H10  JIS Z 3223 :DT2416

AWS A5.5-06 :E9016-B3


  • Covering is low hydrogen type for welding of 2.25%Cr-1%Mo steel used for super-heater tubes,steam pipes, heaters of boilers for thermoelectric power plant and equipments oil refining industries.
  • Preheat at 150~300๐C and postheat treat at 680~730๐C
  • Exellent crack resistance because of low hydrogen contents.
  • Redry the electrode at 300~400๐C for 1~2hours prior to use.

Welding positions

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Typical chemical composition of all-weld metal (%)

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Typical mechnical properties of all-weld metal

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Sizes available and recommended currents (AC or DC+)

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