Stainless Steel Wire


Quality & Service

We have the most qualified products and the best services.

We, inheriting alchemist’s spirit of patience and challenge producing gold with metals, are pursuing to the best products exerting its excellence in any worse environments, which can be actualized with consistent strong intention of “Not taking out unfinished products” and excellent quality management system. Also, our endless efforts to offer best service and to give bigger satisfaction to our customers are building KOS brand image higher and approaching in the mind of citizens of the world, owed by the customer trust.

Protect the environment

We take care of people and their environment.

Environment is about the people enjoying a harmonized world. We are providing education to recognize the value of environment and the benefits of perserving it. Also, we are doing through and cautiously environmental management for the environmentally friendly process and product development by performing regular judge, inspection complying with the environmental laws.


Customers will associate the best with only the name of KOS.

We are surrounded by STAINLESS STEEL WIRE in the high tech world that we live in today. Almost every daily activity is influenced by the use of stainless steel wire. We see it used widely in food processing equipment, medical application, automotive, aerospace, environmental and the list goes on.

The Superior Quality of KOS STAINLESS STEEL WIRE is achieved by using the finest raw materials available, the most modern equipment in the industry and the highest skilled employees. With our many manufacturing plants in Korea, we serve the world through our KOS overseas network. They are located in Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and USA.

We always strive to produce the products of tomorrow, today, through continuous improvement programs.


The extremely precise components will increase the value of the products.

KOS SPRING WIRE has achieved an excellent reputation through our research and development to produce the hightest quality in the industry. We produce spring wire using selected raw material of AISI 302,304,316 and 631J1. Our unique coatings and excellent pay-off ability will allow high-speed spring manufacturing possible.

Special Characteristics

  • High corrosion resistance
  • Excellent productivity from nickel coated spring wire
  • Nickel coating helps to keep wire brightness and allows for good solderablity.


KOS technological process shows to advantage for high-speed spring manufacture.


Strictly selected raw materials and KOS technology guarantees the most qualified products

These applications are widely used in automotive, printing, filtration and etc. We produce ultra fine wire(less than 0.05 mm, 0.002”) for the high-end electronic industry. Each application has a separate process control to ensure the best quality for your production. We carefully select the raw material and use unique lubricants in our process to guarantee perfect quality wire every time. We offer a wide range of package,from small to one of the largest packages in the industry, to fit your production needs.

Special Characteristics

  • Superior bright surface
  • Consistent mechanical properties
  • Optimum lubrication for each customer's operation condition
  • Perfect winding condition


You do not need to speak about the development of completed products. We will lead the market with the development of the new and strong items.

Over the last 10 years KOS has been improving the quality of cold heading wire especially for the complicated products like hexagonal bolts,truss screws,pivot screws and small rivets at remarkably higher speed in cold heading.

Special Characteristics

  • Improved cold headability by special surface coating
  • Enhanced punch and die life to improved lubrication between heading tool and wire surface.
  • Eco-friendly coating to guarantee more comfortable and clean working environment.
  • Continuous production for the longer time by enlarged carrier packing.


We add good materials and sincerity, including the excellent free cutting ability.

The quality of shaft wire for precision parts in electrical devices depends on quality material, roundness and surface cleanliness. KOS free cutting wire provides the improved machinability of the wire designed to the sophisticated fabrication.

Special Characteristics

  • Excellent machinability and stability of surface hardness.
  • Perfect roundness.
  • Various packing type to customer’s requirement whether cut or not.


KOS can perfectly meet the various customer demands.

Our general purpose wire has the brightest surface in the industry. It can be delivered in soft annealed, 1/4 Hard to Full Hard, or to your specification.

Special Characteristics

  • Diversified mechanical properties to the customer’s individual requirement
  • Elegant surface by special polishing treatment
  • Improved productivity by larger capacity of pay-off drum and carrier


Technology recognized through the first manufacturing in Korea. It has grown as the best products in the world.

KOS is the pioneer of stainless wire rope manufacturer in Korea since 1979. We have become the world leader with the product to meet the critical quality standards and wide range of specifications of major customers worldwide. Our production capabilities ensure the best quality in the industry and on time delivery every time.

Special Characteristics

  • Excellent corrosion resistance under the extremely severe condition
  • Best quality in high temperature by the enhanced heat resistance
  • Elegant surface brightness for the exterior decoration
  • Full range of raw material in AISI 302,304,305,316 and 316 Mo
  • KOSFORM Strand is a newly launched compact strand which distinguishes itself from conventional strand. It features super high breaking strength and outstanding clean surface which enables it to perform longer than conventional ones.
  • Super clean surface of cables by ultrasonic cleaning.


Fast customer reaction is showing our management principals of putting them in top priority.

KOSFLAT wire is, mainly for the automotive windshield wiper, produced by the advanced rolling machine. From the strict control of stainless wire rod to the automatically computercontrolled rolling process including optional process to cut the flat wire to length,KOS has another good reputation in the market providing this product to the esteemed wiper assembly companies in the world.

Special Characteristics

  • Excellent quality of KOS spring wire to be flat rolled
  • Perfect in-line quality control during rolling operation.
  • Surface cleanliness by ultrasonic degreasing and larger spool capacity up to 400kg


The style of KOS becomes the standard in the industry.

With KISWIRE’s best high carbon wire and the advanced plating facility of KOS, nickel coated high carbon wire(KOSNIC) is widely used in the spring industry. KOSNIC assists the customers to lower their production cost by higer coilability, excellent solderability and relatively cheaper price than normal stainless wire.

Special Characteristics

  • Perfect corrosion resistance by even thickness of nickel coating
  • Higher coilability at speed production and yield rate
  • No change of tempering colour


Why does the customer around the world choose KOS! It is because of their trust to our quality of products.

The demand of high nickel alloy wire is increasing due to the rapid development of high tech industry. KOS nickel alloy wires (KOSLOY) in 14 different grades have the reputation of KOS brand for the best quality control and on time delivery.

Special Characteristics

  • Quick delivery time by stock of raw material
  • Perfect quality control system by advanced testing equipment
  • In-house technical support


Please experience the excellent quality of our titanium wire first produced among local manufacturers.

In recent days, consumption of titanium and titan alloy wire are rapidly increasing in the field of petrochemical, airplane, automobile,optical frame and medical instrument and etc. They have excellent corrosion resistance as well as considerably light weight and high strength. KOS provides this excellent material to each requirement by superior production equipment and expert engineers with a spirit for customer satisfaction.