Steel Wire


Spring Wire

Spring wire is high-tensile strength wire, different from mild steel wire, and is classified as high-carbon spring wire, piano wire, music wire, shaped wire and oil- tempered wire. These high-tensile strength wire products are manufactured according to product function, and thus are widely used in various industries including automotives, high-tech and precision machines, and auto parts.

Elgangs have been acclaimed as superior quality springs used in various precision machines, electronic communication equipment and auto parts. Oil-tempered wire is put to use as an essential part of engine valve springs, clutch springs, and die springs that are subjected to repetitive stress and are used widely in the automobile and other industries.

KISWIRE provides a variety of products to the premier automobile companies and is recognized for its excellent quality and technology both domestically and internationally. In the future, KISWIRE promises to keep improving customer service and delivery standards. By sectioning the market and product lines, competitiveness will be enhanced. KISWIRE will also concentrate on high-tech development through joint research with related companies such as automobile, machinery, construction and other related enterprises.

Bead Wire

Bead Wire is an essential reinforced material for tires on automobiles, earthmoving equipment, large trucks and aircraft. This product prevents tires from changing shape due to air pressure or external forces, and it safely locks the tire onto the rim to prevent vibration while driving.

KISWIRE supplies top-quality bead wire to domestic tire makers as well as to prominent tire producers. Currently, numerous large factories specializing in bead wire are in full operation in both Korea and the U.S., along with a global sales network.

KISWIRE continues to earn trust from tire manufacturers thanks to indisputable superior quality, timely delivery and thorough customer service. In the coming years, KISWIRE will strive to advance the development of bead wire technology in tire manufacturing in our R&D labs and through in-house technological development and joint research projects with related companies.

Steel Cord

Steel Cord is a steel radial tire reinforcement product that stabilizes tires during long hours of extreme driving conditions, and is used in the belt and carcass of the tire.

Together with the world-renowned steel cord maker, TrefilARBED Group, KISWIRE supplies to prominent tire manufacturers and is recognized as a premier brand, based on its quality and technology.

Additionally, KISWIRE's internal system has been recognized for its quick, accurate response and its precise solution to customers' technical demands. As a result of this internal system, KISWIRE has gained a reputation for having the technology to deliver goods and to respond to client demands. Particularly, the development of "Ultra-Super High-Tensile Steel Cord" and a variety of new structures have contributed greatly to advancing the tire manufacturing process. KISWIRE will aggressively respond to customer needs through joint research with affiliate companies as well as in-house technology development.

Besides steel cord to reinforce tires, we at KISWIRE offer an assortment of products including belt cord for reinforcement of conveyer belts, and hose wire for high-pressure hoses.

Galvanized Steel Wire & Strand

Galvanized steel wire and strand are the culmination of state-of-the-art technology and excellent quality galvanization. These products are mainly used for reinforcement of distribution/transmission electricity cable, fiber optic cable, and sheathing of underwater fiber optic cable.

Our Company is meeting customers’ demands for quality by offering surface corrosion-resistance and straightness of fiber optic galvanized steel wire and strand. We have developed and supplied invar wire, with low-thermal-expansion-coefficient nickel, which has enabled increased effectiveness and greater power transmission, while reducing the diameter of the wire.

Through streamlined research analysis, consistent supply of raw materials, timely delivery of highquality products, prompt response to customers’ needs, and speedy problem-solving, the Company has won client trust.

In the future, KISWIRE will continue to develop high value-added goods including aluminum coated wire, invar wire, and bluing wire. Furthermore, joint research will be conducted with other affiliated companies including wire manufacturers.

Wire Rope

Wire rope is a multi-purpose product being used in numerous industries for power transmission, load tolerance, tensile purposes and many other applications. This product is utilized over a wide spectrum of industries including mine excavation, petroleum exploration and the fishing industry. Shipping equipment, machinery, aircraft, cranes, elevators, cable cars, and bridges also require our product.

Presently, KISWIRE’s “Elephant Wire Rope” is in constant demand by customers around the world. Known for not only its quality, but for its price and after-service, this product is being exported to over 60 nations. Based on trust and a win-win partnership with our customers, the product is ordered again and again by consumers and dealers.

KISWIRE has targeted high value-added products and special high-strength rope manufacturing in order to create new products. Most notably, Neptune rope, a wire rope used in petroleum excavation, has received international acclaim for its design, raw material selection, coating, and technology.

In the future, KISWIRE plans to further expand its specialized steel market, and target markets in developed nations, including the U.S., Europe, Japan and Asia in order to move into specialized sectors of rope manufacturing.

PC Wire & Strand

Steel wire for prestressed concrete and steel strand for prestressed concrete are used in civil engineering to support concrete structures. According to its use, the products are classified as PC steel wire and PC steel strand which add galvanization and/or a coating process, general unbonded PC strand and H.D.P.E. (high-density polyethylene) used in stay cable, and epoxy-coated PC strand (surpass-coated PC) which is the result of KISWIRE's latest state-of-the-art technology.

PC wire strand is mainly used in the upper plates of bridges, as cable for special bridges and for the maintenance of bridges. In construction, this product is used in concrete pilings and supports for the construction of buildings, domes for nuclear power plants and reinforcement of LNG concrete tanks. It is also used in the floor and roof reinforcement of sports stadiums. Besides these general uses, the products are essential in large-scale cargo recovery and offshore platform jobs in which cranes and other recovery equipment cannot be used, in construction maintenance, anchors for civil engineering work, and of course, for rail ties for railroad and high-speed trains. Additionally, these products can be extensively used in construction materials for PC panels, high-pressure concrete water pipes, marine structures, towers and runways.

For the first time in Korea, air spinning wire and PWS (parallel wire strand), which are super high-tensile galvanized steel wire and strand, were manufactured by KISWIRE. These are utilized in main cables for suspension bridges and cable-stayed bridges, and for reinforcement decks of specialized bridges. In the future, KISWIRE will continue to develop special structural-component products used in such areas as bridges and concrete tank construction. Through strategic alliances with both domestic and international companies, our Company plans to win the bids for large-scale projects.