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Board of Directors

1. Mr. Pakorn Borimasporn Chairmann and Independent Director
2. Mr. Chongchet Boonkerd Vice Chairman and Independent Director
3. Mr. Thailuck Leetavorn Independent Director
4. Gen. Jakkrit Pongpamorn Independent Director
5. Mr. Nares Washirapantsakul Independent Director
6. Mr. Chamnarn Pornpilailuck   Director
7. Mrs. Kanokkorn Tankaisorn Director
8. Mrs. Nuntira Rittimontree Director


Audit Committee 

1. Mr. Thailuck Leetavorn  Chairman of the Audit Committee
2. Mr. Chongchet Boonkerd Member of the Audit Committee
3. Gen. Jakkrit Pongpamorn Member of the Audit Committee


Executive Directors

1. Mr. Chamnarn Pornpilailuck   Executive Director
2. Mrs. Kanokkorn Tankaisorn Executive Director
3. Mrs. Nuntira Rittimontree Executive Director