Copper & Brass
Copper and brass products With both sheet and roll Which has more than 3000 items, including a variety of sizes, thickness and properties of different metals. Can be used in the manufacture of car radiators, electrical equipment, electronic components, eyelets, buttons, keys and signs.
Aluminum sheet and Coil.
With both products, aluminum sheet and coil. There are a variety of thicknesses and sizes, including features metal different company is the main importer of the leading manufacturers in the international manufacturing standards and applications certified by Lloyd ISO9002 and AA aluminum products mainly. is applied in the production of electronic components, electrical, automotive industry. And Packaging
Steel Wire & Stainless Wire
Beautiful: Printed material Diamond. Beautiful like no other There are many colors to choose And do not rust Cool: meat, heat reflective material 70-80% reduces attic temperatures 3-12 degrees, saving energy air conditioning. Resistance: resistance to corrosion, excellent texture. The service life of more than 25 years, helping reduce the cost structure.
Copper Tube & Fitting
Copper is a material that is widely used around the world in air conditioning systems, plumbing systems, fire suppression systems, medical gas systems. And the pipeline system Because there are several special features Copper pipes are durable Resistant to corrosion Temperature Resistance Waterproofing hygiene and pipe styles to suit different people use different systems.

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